21 weeks and still no kicks

Having my first pregnancy and completed 21 weeks for today. Still don’t feel the kicks. Eagerly waiting for it. Anyone experienced/have been experiencing same?

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I started feeling the fluttering at w20. I thought I had stomach upset, just that the churning is much lower and the feeling remained even after I went to the toilet. It was only after a few nights of the same feeling that I conclude that this was the ‘fluttering’. Now that I can recognise the feeling, I feel the fluttering every day.

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Please do not worry. I'm 21weeks and now I can feel my baby move. I was unable to feel the baby till last week, I was worried and sad. I think that each pregnancy is different, so please don't worry about it. Just wait, you'll feel the movement soon and it is wonderful.

I can feel my baby's movement and kicks, my husband and his siblings notices my growing tummy but the doctors can't detect my baby's heartbeat😔 I am really confused😔 is there anyone here experiencing the same situation?

This is my first pregnancy and I start to recognised the kicks while doing week 20 detailed scan at 21+1. Baby was kicking really hard when the sonographer pushes down my tummy. I remembered the sonographer keep saying "relax baby..relax"🤭

When I lie flat, I hardly feel his movements. However, when I turn to left, I cam feel his movements quite often. U can try. I also hardly feel his movements b4 7-mth but my gynae told me that this is common. Will start feel after 7-mth

I am 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I started to feel the kicks for the past 3 days before that I guess it's the flutters after 17 weeks ( felt like gas troubles) that too very rare like once or twice in a week. No worries you will feel soon.

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Just checking on this old thread. Hope you can feel your baby's movement pretty well now.

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Depends on individuals but I didn’t really feel much movements until towards the end for my first pregnancy either. For my second, it was also only towards the middle/end of my second trimester that I started feeling kicks.

Im 21 weeks now, pero grabe na ang galaw ni baby parang hinahalukay na ung laman ko sa loob, mayat maya na dn ang ihi ko kpg nagalaw sya parang may nasasagi sya na kung ano sa loob ko. Sguro dpende sa placenta.

wait till your Detailed Scan bcos I couldn't feel anything and found out that my placenta was facing the tummy, in front of the baby, hence blocking any movements. Placenta placement will move and change so dont worry mummy!

For first pregnancy , i think around 20 - 24 weeks . Its normal if u dont feel ur baby . But trust me , ur baby is moving . Im pregnant with my 2nd baby and i feel movement sooner then the 1st . Feel my baby at 15 weeks .