kkh prenatal class

heard that kkh have prenatal class? how do I go about applying for the class? and how much does it cost?

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For KKH patients, it’s $200 for weekdays and slightly more for weekend classes. Think $230? Your spouse / parent / parent-in-law is encouraged to come with you and it will be complimentary for them ie $200 for two people. Sign up details are on the KKH website. Just look under patient education.

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Hi... you can enquire with your gynecologist on your next visit. He/she will direct you to the right person

For KKH patient it’s $230. The midwifes are experienced imo. You can email them the application form.

Hi, I think their website will have all the details

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Ask the staff for more details

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Try visit their website?

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I paid for $240-$250!

Worth it?