Is having a daughter different for a father than having a son?

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Though they love both equally, fathers share a different rapport with their sons and daughters. Sons are treated more like "men" by the fathers. They talk to them, play with them, treat them more like their pals and once they start growing up they treat them as their friends. Fathers have a very soft corner for their daughters and treat them delicately, though I won't generalize. They are very protective, can't say no to them, and yes can be their friends too but the equation is a tad different than what it is with the sons.

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Yes. Father-Son bonding will always be different from Father-Daughter bonding given boys and girls are wired differently. Fathers will have softer and gentler approach to their daughters most of the time.

Father is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love. Yes. Definitely different for a father having a daughter compare to having a son. :)

Yes different definitely. Daughter more about taking care of the princess but a son has a lot of hopes put on him by dad

The bond between a Daughter and a Father is really stunning. I'm constantly melted with my daughter's love. :)

From what I observed ... A daughter is like my husband's girlfriend

3y ago

Hahaha true story