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Have any one of you find it so irritated when you wish and want to spend time with you LO by bringing them out tgt to meet friends and have a meal but always feel like you have to seek your in laws permission and they will keep asking you where u go and what time come back? How would you all deal like this? I have enough of them and currently I am staying with them too!!!!! #needtorant

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My family or in laws do not really need us to "report" where we go with going out and coming back time, especially since we don't stay with them. I guess it's different when staying with parents or parents in law since you are part of the household. I feel it would be appropriate to tell them a rough outline of where u r going esp if they need to make arrangements for meal times or plan their own schedules, within limits of course. Even my own mum will sometimes ask where we go/bring the kids even though we live separately, e.g. on weekends when we go over for dinner, they have to know whether we ate coming over and will casually ask where else we are going. However, if u feel they are hemming in your freedom, do talk to your husband to discuss and ask him to talk to his parents, may be easier than DIL talking to parents in law.

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3y ago

My hub isn’t very supportive also. So abut difficult. Feels like being at my own home is better. But I just don’t feel warm staying with them