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Have any one of you find it so irritated when you wish and want to spend time with you LO by bringing them out tgt to meet friends and have a meal but always feel like you have to seek your in laws permission and they will keep asking you where u go and what time come back? How would you all deal like this? I have enough of them and currently I am staying with them too!!!!! #needtorant

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Super Mum

For starters, your LO is yours. Haha. Seriously.. there’s no need to ask for permission. Informing them is fine. But it’s not a question, it’s a statement. “Hi mum, baby and I are going out. See you later!” If they ask further questions, You can say that you’ll message them when the details are confirmed. This helps you respect them by keeping them informed, but also gives you control to decide when to inform them, so you’re not so stressed out about it. If your husband can’t be the mediator, then leave him out of it. Just be respectful by replying politely, but you can be in full control of your decisions. You don’t even need to inform them that you’re buying something for your LO 😂. Just buy it, put it on your LO, and let your LO model the outfit so your in laws can comment how cute baby looks 😁. Also, if you and your husband are saving up, may be time to start planning to move out. I respect and care for my in laws a lot, but I was really happy the day I moved into my own place (after almost 3 years) 😂. The independence is great.. and we still honoured them by spending time with them regularly.. but a lot of the stress I faced while staying with them was gone.

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