Trying to conceive no.2

We have been trying since nov last year but no good news yet. I feel sad whenever menses is here. We conceive no. 1 on our 1st try but it is so difficult this time round. I’ve seen gynae too and everything looks fine on the ultrasound according to him. He said I need to try longer. Btw, if I can’t conceive by this mar I will have to wait till aug before I can start to try again as it is not very nice to be absent during the financial year end closing in the finance sector “seems like an unspoken rule” haha.

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Maybe try to be more relax. And have more babydance session. I conceived accidentally when we go for a week holiday and babydance all day every other day. Good luck! 🍀

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Tried check your most fertile week? Intimate with hubby couple of times on the week? haha.