Dr Serene Koh from KKH

Hello, have anyone been to KKH as a private patient? How is Dr Serene Koh? Any other doctors would you recommend? I do not have a preferred gynae atm (I’m only at wk 7 of my pregnancy) but would look for a fixed gynae later on. TIA!

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Dr Serena Koh was my attending doctor at KKH A&E. She was very gentle, patient in explaining my spotting symptoms, steps to take etc. my husband and I were blessed to be able to meet her in the midst of our frantic.

I choose Serena koh as my doc as well . I more trust on her becuz I was working there before as I assist her before . no worries. I'm on my 6 weeks now . My 1st appointment will be next week 🤣

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The popular ones at KKH are Dr Manisha and Dr Angeline Chua

7mo ago

Manisha trained both Chua and Koh. I also only wanted to be cared for by the teacher, and not by her students.