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Hi, I’m currently getting my checkups done at KKH. I may be switching to private (still KKH) but am not sure which gynae to take. My first ever appt after poly referral was with Dr Serena Koh (associate consultant) and she left a good impression on me. Was wondering if anyone is currently seeing her or has had experiences with having your child delivered by her? Thanks!

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I had her for my baby’s delivery! She’s kind, patient, attentive, professional and listens to your concerns without judgement. She’s never without a smile. In my opinion, I had the best experience with her. I had an emergency csect. I was very nervous during the op and asked her for advice. Dr Koh is reassuring and calms me down and told me she will walk me through the process on what she will be doing next. That really helps me as a first time mum going through the entire process myself (my delivery was during the Covid heighten phase in jun 2021, so my husband was not in the OT with me). Dr Koh makes it a point to remember both me and my child’s name. Despite it being a small gesture, it shows the kind of person she is. Genuine, warm and sincere.

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Hi.. she is my gynae from the last 1yr plus till now … I never regret taking her.. had an ectopic last yr …. Had a surgery done under subsides under another dr … However she still come to visit me in o&g and wards too and she still remain as my main gynae even tho procured done other sub … :)

Hi she is my gynae when I switched from Kkh subsidy to private during delivery. She is very responsible and gives good advice. She also listens well and addresses my concerns adequately. Would recommend her as your gynae.

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Hi Mama, I’ve never had any experience with Dr Serena Koh, but if you’ve had a good experience with her, I’d say go with your gut! Take care!

the "Senior Consultants" are more experienced so i feel more comfortable with that