has anyone ever experience miscarriage? how do you know that you have a miscarriage before you decide to go to the doctor's to confirm?

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It all started with brown discharge and cramps and I was told by one of my friend that it is common during pregnancy as it is old blood from the menstrual. Not until yesterday I started bleeding blood and small tissue clots and started getting worried. my husband rushed me to the A&E at Raffles medical and get it checked. I was only 5 weeks plus into my pregnancy which was early stage and doctor said that high chances I am having a miscarriage as he was unable to see the baby sac nor heartbeat. I came back home with a heavy heart, feeling broken. while I was showering I saw a gel like ( transparent ) with more blood clot came out. I am so thankful for my husband for being there by my side. He was telling me to be strong and not to give up and everything happens for a reason. it's only because of his words, I am slowly recovering from it. my advise is as soon as you have pain like cramps, brown/red discharge, do not ignore it. Go to the hospital right away and get it check to see whats happening to you and your baby

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I had some brown color discharge along with red blood clots around week 8 or 9. Prior to this, I also noticed that i’m having a lot of yellow color discharge with foul fishy smells. Went to the gynae for ultrasound and was told that my baby’s heartbeat had stopped and measured only at 7 weeks where my baby supposed to be in week 9. I was told that i’m having a missed miscarriage where my baby has stopped growing and passed on in my uterus but my body didn’t know it until weeks later to show the miscarriage symptoms. Doctor prescribed me some pills for insertion into my vagina to kick start the miscarriage process. I was having a lot of pain like labor contractions on the day I had the pills inserted. Suggest you go the gynae as soon as you noticed something’s not right.

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Started with no more pregnancy symptoms then heavy bleeding when I peed. Went to A&E @ NUH but cannot see anything and gestational sac measure at 5 weeks plus. Given Duphaston to take. Continued bleeding then went to seek a 2nd opinion @ A&E KKH. Told the same & given the same med. Continued bleeding for 2 weeks and came back to NUH. Gestational sac still measured the same and they sent me to do a thorough check at the fetal care ctr. Confirmed miscarriage because nothing can be seen except debris. I chose to do D&C which is quicker a week later but a day before the surgery, my gestational sac came out naturally (comes with contraction pain).

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I had a bad tummy ache n I thought it was just indigestion. As it just keep happening, so I sleep at home for 2nights when I was getting getting better. Decide to pay my gyne a visit. While waiting, my water bag broke. My gyne give me a letter ask me go kkh a&e for admission. She anticipate that I might have to be there till I give birth. Anyway, I didn’t manage to keep him, when I see the doc, doc told me I can stay in hospital n try to save but at 17 weeks. I have a long way, plus he may not b healthy. So I went for the pill insert n then after discharge. I was home resting

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Not trying to scare you here but sharing my experience. Please do call in and be on the safe side. When I started having abit more brown discharge than usual, I quickly called my gynae and was asked to go down. Had pills inserted in my vaginal and had to take more progesterone pills. Went back home, few hours later, started having cramps and red bleeding, was rushed to the hospital (per gynae instruction), took the jab and the bleeding stopped. However, the pregnancy did not progress past that day.

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I have no signs till doing a 8 weeker scan and sonographer told me there’s no heart beat/activity inside. Fetus clearly didn’t grow and subsequently I was seen by gynae and told to go back ED when I experienced profuse bleed and severe tummy pain. Days later started bleeding like menses for days till I felt contraction one day with profiled bleed and clots and severe tummy pain I went to ED and gynae on-call had a check and helped to clear remaining clots inside.

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I had pain at my lower abdomen , heavy bleeding symptoms were breast no longer sore , just don't feel pregnant anymore .. ( sense something is not right somewhere ) when visit gyne found out baby was growing outside womb that's what my they said .

For me i started to have brownish spotting then it become pinkish spotting with blood streak.. Woke up next day morning with no pregnant symptoms (my breast no longer sore) and head down to A&E to find out that the baby stop growing after week 8..

Hi, for me, it was bleeding (fresh blood). I won’t say it is a lot because my menses also isn’t a lot. I think so long as you are bleeding, it’s safer to check with your gynae. If no specific gynae, go to A&E. Don’t wait. Take care my dear.

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I manage to fill almost half a pad in a day.

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depends which phase you are at.. i experienced mine at 6/7w started off with brown discharge and then starts to look like menses.. i went to a&e immediately (was a weekend), and they told me they can't detect the yolk sac anymore.

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yes. it was my first pregnancy and i need to fly to US. so i actually did go for scan at 5w.