Baby travels

Hi, has anyone brought their 2 months+ old baby on a journey by car for more than 5 hours long ? Need to travel to my mom but understood recommended hours for baby in a car seat is 2 hours… seeking out for advice if there is any #firsttimemom #advicepls

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Tulis jawapan

Hi. Sorry mommy i have no experience to bring my kids for early as 2 months old for more than 5 hours. But for 2 hours yes, i have experienced. My child that moment okay and she stay seat at car seat but i’ll make sure need to give milk regularly. Plus when car move she will sleep only a few minutes she awake so i will entertain/play with her until she sleep.

Baca lagi
2y ago

Thanks for the tip ! So feeding must come first 😊😊

There is no problem actually if u want to travel for long hours.. u should keep bf your baby every 2hours and make sure to stop by whenever to give milk.. i travelled a lot too but somehow learn how to manage the baby safety first

2y ago

Yeah.. I will make sure to take a stop in between then only continue the journey .. thanks!