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Hi guys. My son is 1 now and have given him 120mls of uht milk without any issues and I'm hoping to transition him off formula completely (and bottle too). Can anyone share any tips pls on what kind of volume of cows milk per day and how to stop being bottle fed? Worried might no get enough iron or other nutrients. My son goes to infant care, takes 3 solids a day (cereal for bfast, porridge for lunch, dinner at home dependa on what we are eating) and can drink from a straw cup. I cant imagine bringing 3 cups to school a day (they dont wash) and open cup maybe abit too challenging due to mess. Thanks in advance!

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Super Mum

Hi there! My children are all on fresh cows milk too! Truth is we just gave the milk when they demanded it. Nutrition is okay as long as they’re getting right amounts of fruits, veggies, grains, proteins and such. If you really want to be sure about the minerals and vitamins I Guess you could start him on a supplement (with your Paed’s advice of course). Our kids start on cod liver oil as soon as they hit the one year mark. Not the orange flavoured one tho, the original. We find they fall sick less often and it really boosts their immune system. The childcare should be okay with using a cup and maybe you can provide straws? Alternatively give them the small Meiji bottles to refrigerate with straws. Then it’s disposable? That’s what my daughter’s school did. Hope this helps!

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