Candida albicans during pregnancy

Hi guys.. Im very prone to vaginal candidiasis especially during my pregnancy. Is there any tips to prevent. I have been taking probiotics. Drink at least 3litres of fluid. Wash everytime after toilet visit and so. But it kept coming back. What should i do.23weeks #advicepls #pleasehelp #23weeks

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normal tu, my doctor prescribed me with diflucan and vagina tablet. Tp blm try dua2 sbb candida suddenly slow down. Kadang2 kalau byk sangat, saya korek keluar je. bunyi agak jijik, tp terpaksa 😌doc suggest kurgkan makan gula dan benda manis sbb nanti candida tu makin aktif

10mo ago

Totally agreed. Balik2 yeast infection semenjak pregnancy. Doc pun ada advise cek gula.. Tp so far ok plak.. Sometimes make me question myself how to take care properly down there. Sudahlah everytime toilet break mesti basuh with water 😂