How fast does diclectin work?

Hi guys i just got prescribed for diclectin use and i took just 1 pill. I actually felt some stomach discomfort and i still feel more nauseous than usual. How fast will it kick in? I can’t even sleep.

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Normally for me it will take abt 1 or 2 hours then will feel very drowsy and fall asleep. Sometimes will puke the pill out have to soldier through the next day 😢 wait for next dose. My dosage is two pills a night then at abt 15 weeks drop till 1 pill a night. Now at 18 I try not to eat as nausea is still manageable seldom puke, just gagging. It will get better maybe when you wanna wean off diclectin slowly down the dosage. I got withdrawal symptoms like extra nauseous and headache when I suddenly stop.

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