Grenada Travel Authorization

The Grenada administration issues a Grenada Travel Authorization, also known internationally as an International Travel Permit. It is an internationally recognized passport. It doesn't contain any country information and it has an entry and exit destination. It is normally accompanied by a stamps and a label which indicates its validity. The stamp signifies that the stamp was issued by Grenada and is valid for a specific time. A Grenada Travel Authorization to visit the Grenada capital, St. Lucia, is required for all tourists. As with any other country, Grenada has its own regulations and requirements for foreigners wishing to travel abroad. The Grenada Travel Authorization will help regulate the movement of visitors to the Grenada's airport and seaports. The authorized authorities will help you to process your visa upon arrival. They can also help you to file travel insurance claims in an emergency. After completing the border crossing, you will be issued a Grenada Travel Authorization. If you are travelling to the Grenada with an eligible international flight or cruise then you are required to have a Grenada Travel Authorization before leaving port. In the case of cruises, the approved travel documents include your passport and accompanying itinerary as well as a copy of the stateroom invoice issued by the cruise liner. Passenger who are not holding a valid passport must travel to Grenada. First, passengers over 60 years old cannot travel to Grenada without an authorized representative. Secondly, all passengers must have their own passport or they risk being turned away at the airport if they have another country's passport. Thirdly, it is strictly prohibited to carry more than one flag. The Grenada travel authorization will also help regulate the process of visiting Grenada with a valid passport for those who need assistance in completing this process. This includes assistance in securing a passport once you reach Grenada and obtaining the Grenada Travel Authorization and accompanying documents. The Grenada authorities know that it can be time-consuming and difficult to secure your passport from all the authorities in the country. For this reason, you may want to consult with your local representative to find out what procedures are involved in obtaining a Grenada Travel Authorization prior to visiting Grenada. The Grenada Travel Authorization will also regulate vehicle movement between the U.S.A. and Grenada. Vehicle transport is a sensitive issue in the Grenada and the island nation has been involved in a number of accidents involving tourist vehicles in the past. The Department of State will be consulted by the authorized authorities to determine the legality of vehicle transportation between the U.S.A and Grenada. This is to protect American citizens' rights. It is important to note that the Grenada Travel Authorization also authorizes the United States Ambassador to the Caribbean nation to enter and remain at any destination in the Caribbean. This allows the ambassador ensure that the American flag is always displayed. As with all other Caribbean countries, a Grenada Travel Authorization will also authorizes air carriers to carry passengers to and from the island nation. Air travel to the Grenada is currently limited to scheduled flights only and there are no scheduled flights to reach the main island of Grenada from the main American air port at San Juan Puerto Rico or the larger nearby airports ofata El Salvador or Liberia. You will need a visa and passport to enter Grenada on a scheduled flight. Once you have your passport, you can apply for the Grenada Travel Authorization to allow you to enter Grenada. This authorization will allow you to enter and leave Grenada as you please, so long as you adhere to all the rules of the Grenada authorities.

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