need opinion on maternal milk expiry date

got this Similac Mum 400g sample & expiry is 02 Jan 2020.. still can drink? today is 26 Nov 2019

need opinion on maternal milk expiry date
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Yes. still can drink. if you start now and drink daily, you should have finish the milk before the expiry.

Yes, still can drink. If u drink twice in a day, very fast to finish it.

Sometimes they will indicate that u need to finish within 1 month

2y ago

yeah certain food products so was a bit cautious haha..

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Yes, safe. Usually dates on food are best before dates

Yes. As long as it doesnt look and smell strange

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Yup , u hv 1 more month anyways u can finish it

Yes just stop after it passes the expiry date

Yes, but make sure it doesnt taste weird.

2y ago

yeah haha was kinda worried abt that luckily it's not..

Once open have to consume within a month.

Yes. As long as the smell is fine.