Good morning Mummies, What should i bring when go to give birth in Kk hospital?

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It's a good idea to bring your own heavy flow sanitary pads and tell the nurse that you will use your own. Bring a Birth Plan along, but remember to go over your birth plan with your doctor. Bring anything that makes you feel comfortable, familiar in the hospital room such as essential oils, photos that bring good memories, pillow (u shape), birth ball if you have one. All the best to you.

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These were what I packed. A set of own clothing A long sleeve for husband A set for baby Handphone charger and ear piece Toiletries I prefer mine The rest were provided by the hospital. I packed less as I know that there will be many freebies, so I don't want to end up having to carry too much home.

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Depending on which ward you are staying, these are what i packed for both my birth in kkh Going home clothes for baby going home clothes for mummy Charger Sanitary pads (i prefer mine to hosp's) Disposable cotton panties Basically that's all! Everything is provided there

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Kkh give a diaper bag which consist of : -disposable panties -body wipes -comb,shower cap,shampoo n shower gel,face towel -sanitary napkins They do provide towels too. Myself i brought :a set of clothes for myself and baby,hp charger and powder shampoo.

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Beside the rest suggested Breast pump, Slipppers

Thank you so much for all advices