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Hi mummies, I'm giving birth in 1 month plus time, when do you usually pack your hospital bag? and what to bring? thanks in advance..

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I packed 2 months before😅 that’s how scared i was. 1) 2 sets of baby clothes 2) swaddle 3) extra pampers 4) maternity pads 5) breast pads 6) disposable underwear 7) your own pyjamas 8) charger 9) wallet with your ic and all 10) snacks cause u’ll get SUPER hungry like me😆 11) going home clothes

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Super Mum

I did the packing bit by bit and finished by Week 36. Some key items: - A set of clothes for myself - Clothes and swaddle for baby - Charger - Maternity pads - Perineal spray - Belly Bandit wrap - IC - Doctor’s forms

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