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Any good breast pump to intro and how much? Do u buy 2 breast pump? 1 at home and 1 for bringing to work?

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Pumpables from Australia. I have both the hospital grade and portable ones. For more info u can check out their website at They have 25% off groupbuys @

Spectra s1 has a portable battery means that we can pump eventhough we are not at home. Can buy 1 first to try and see if its necessary to buy another one to bring out


Yes i got 2. Spectra s1 for home use. S9+ when I'm out. S1 really clear boobs very well.

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I have 2! 1 spectra S1 that I leave in the office and a real Bubee to bring around.


I got 2 set of Be mini cordless breast pump

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I have one at home and one at work