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Is Glucose Test at Week 28 compulsory?

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It’s not compulsory! I didn’t do any test! No Down syndrome test no glucose test! Baby is healthy and hits milestone earlier than most babies!

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It is advisable not to skip this as it can help with any early detections of pregnancy risks and will also affect baby's first years

if your o.b advice you to do it , then go ! it's to test the sugar level so that you will know if you have gastational diabetes ..

No it isn’t! My gynae told me not necessary. He advises to just watch diet, don’t pile on carb and sweet drinks and such.

Did mine today at exactly 28 weeks.. waiting for results.. cross fingers! Gynae says my risk is high due to PCOS…

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Pls do it if it’s not compulsory. There’s many risk and complication involved if not diagnosed early

I didn’t do the test. I didn’t do any Down syndrome or glucose test. Baby is healthy and strong

Yes. Good to have someone to company u. I felt giddy after i had 2nd round of blood test

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Yes, please take. It really helps to have a peace of mind.

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Better do, if GD is detected can make diet changes too