Passed Glucose test but urine test always had traces of glucose :(

Hii mummies, I'm in my wk 28 now and have passed my Glucose test previously. Within healthy range for all 3 tests however I am still having traces of Glucose +1/+2 everytime I do my urine test before meeting gynae. Anyone faces this too?? :(( #advicepls #firsttimemom

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Don't worry. Pregnancy itself can cause the kidney to be more "leaky". It's not a cause of concern since you've passed your OGTT and so fat no UTI or yeast infection. Cheers!

1y ago

Thank you!! I will try to not worry too much but at the same time try to avoid too much of sweet stuffs too! >.

what do you usually eat/drink before meeting gynae? you may want to watch what you consume before the appt.

1y ago

OK thanks for the advice! usually a full lunch meal like fish soup w beehoon/ rice. Unfortunately my gynae appt is always in the earlier afternoon, so i gotta take my lunch after I leave work at noon. Perhaps have to try to avoid the carbs for lunch before seeing the doc :(