would you give a regular cough syrup to your child without asking the doctor?

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i barely give any cough syrup to my kids, with or without checking with the doc. only recently my younger one was suffering from cough after a bout of fever. while we gave medicines for the fever, it got better but she still had a lot of cough. i gave her a spoon of honey with black pepper and ginger juice about 3 to 4 times a day. she got absolutely fine in about 4 days.

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my husband feels it is alright to do so, but i don't agree at all. any time my kids have cough, i usually wait it out for 2 to 3 days and try home remedies, and if it does not get better, only then do i visit the doc and give medicines as prescribed.

no i do not give cough syrup without consulting the baby's doctor. there are many over the counter medicines available, but i think it is best to know what is causing the cough and treat it accordingly.

no never... I always consult doc. before giving cold med. and generally I avoide giving cold med. rather I try home remedies

Cough syrup without consultation is not recommended

Entering into 6 th month

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no,not at all

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Not recommended


no never