Hi all, my girl has dark eye circles for quite a few months. She is now 12 months. A few days ago, I asked the doctor at Polyclinic if it's due to lack of sleep. He said sometimes could be due to certain allergy or the nose. Should I bring my girl to see a TCM doctor? Any good TCM to recommend for little toddlers?

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Second the yu guo recommendation. If possible, try to go weekday afternoon, slightly lesser pple, wkend usually need to wait like 2hrs plus. It's mainly massage and then they will have herbal powder to wear in a waist belt over the naval. However, I highly encourage u to practice good hygiene there as there are just too many children everywhere - bring ur own cloth for baby to lie or sit on. I suspect my son got his hfmd from there as we do not have contact w other children except when there

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6y ago

Oh dear...hope your son is better now. Thanks for your suggestions :)

You can try Yuguo in Kembangan. I have not been there myself, but it comes highly recommended by many mummies. https://yuguochinesephysician.blogspot.sg/