Baby don't like to drink water

Hi, my nine month old baby does not like to drink water. Gave him water through bottle and sippy cup but he either push them away or doesn't seem to sip any water. Please help 😭#adviceplease #firsttimemom

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I also have the same issue with my 7 month old baby.I did not give water until she turn 6 months.When I start giving water,she always gag on it.She seems like doesn't like to drink water.I use richell training cup to train her but I feel that at times she will get choke on water and reject drinking water. After that I use evorie silicone straw sippy bottle,slowly she begin to like drinking water. Not sure if u want to try coz what works for my baby may not work best on other babies. But I understand how u feel because I'm so worried that next time she doesn't want or like to drink water :( But I'm glad now she likes to drink water using the evorie. Keep offering if baby really refused then don't force too hard.

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Same. I just give use spoon. The ifc teacher got share tips, she say try to make infused water so got fruits flavour i.e apple with water, pear with water

babies at this age don’t need so much water yet so it’s fine. don’t force it