Brazilian Wax

Would you get a Brazilian wax when 8 months pregnant?

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It depends on your pain level & comfortability. Ive been waxing for the pax years & would never switch to razor again as the hairs are getting fine & lesser. ☺️

I did mine my last brazilian when i’m around week 35. Is fine, just that you might feel uncomfortable lying down flat on your back.

Yes! I didn't mine two days before delivery at 39+2 😂 some therapist might be reluctant.. Best to inform them first.

No way. Already uncomfortable and to lie flat? And then pain from waxing? Couldn’t pay me!

I did mine when I was 38 weeks lol. I know abit last min 😂

I would be scared to so no I would stick with my razor

nope just trim it with shaver

nope, shave will do

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No I won't

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for me, no