Should I continue BF/pump?

FTM here, 7weeks PP. I’ve been trying to BF my LO since he was born and even engage an LC to help with latching. Some days he latches, some days he refused to latch, no matter how hard I tried. Secondly, my supply is really extremely low. I do pumping, but barely reaches 10ml for both side. With the result I get, I feel like giving up BF. Any advice on how to increase supply? I do take Swiss Breastfeeding Support as supplement and snack on some lactation cookies but still the same. Or should I just give full FM as it’s really exhausting to trying to get him to latch or pump.

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I had the same problem with my first. Only getting 20-30ml even aft 2 months. Went up to 50ml aft I found moringa leaf but in the end I gave up breastfeeding totally (was supplementing with FM most of the time but still latched himwhenever I could) at 5 months cz going back to work just dipped my supply again. Fast fwd 3 years later with my 2nd now at 4 months. Aft several tries, these work for me well and I'm able to give just enough for her and even create a stash to be sent for freeze-drying. 1) Pump: I'm always latching so I cld only pump once or twice a day so I usually do power pump or tandem pumping (baby latch and pump on the other) at night (between 1am to 5am) when prolactin is the highest. 2) Drink at least 3 litres per day 3) Eat more red meat 4) Supplements with moringa work for me better so I'm alternating between Legendairy Cashcow and Milkapalooza. 5) Brewer's yeast gives a quick supply boost whenever my supply dips due to being sick or not drinking enough. I'm currently fasting and still able to provide enough for baby thanks to this but baby is a little gassy so I'm not taking it daily. 6) Chlorpheniramine. I got to know this boost my milk supply accidentally when I was sick. Was told by my doctor that domperidone works faster but I didn't wanna depend on a drug so I'm taking Legendairy supplements more instead. 7) Dates. I usually consume abt 5 to 7 a day though there's a study that 10 a day would let u see a boost faster. You can also drink the red dates brew with goji berry, though for me it didn't have much effect. Different moms have different things that work for their body. It's really about giving everything a try, yes, tiring but if ure determined to supply more for baby, I'm sure u'll find sth that works eventually. Like for me, fenugreek is a no-no as it reduces my supply, but some other moms might thrive with it. And lactation bakes for me are just a waste of money cz they don't work for me at all. Yup, I've spent hundreds buying lactation cookies and brownies for my 1st and during confinement but it didn't help much. Please persevere mummy. Even if u still can't give much, a little is still good for baby. I had a bad bout of Covid just a month ago and till now have not recovered my sense of smell and taste fully but baby has not fallen sick at all. Amazingly not even a sniff of flu even when I still continued to latch her (of coz with other precaution like wearing mask all the time and not kissing baby at all).

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hi! Imo i think if you have time, and not averse to it, you should continue pumping so you have some sort of supply no matter how little~ but whether or not you give your baby is another thing. you can give your baby formula and freeze your breast milk and give your LO only once in a while, like perhaps when mixing with cereal or when baby is ill or constipated. if it is difficult and tiring to latch everytime, then try a specific timing everyday to try (morning when baby wakes or evening when baby is drowsy) . sometimes low supply could be the pump issue. I have two medela pumps - freestyle and pis-advance. For a 20 mins pump, a full 100% power freestyle would only yield a 60% supply of a pis at 30% power! huge difference! also eat lots of protein and drink lots of water (like at least 2L a day). u can try milk boosters or galactagogue such as fenugreek to boost your supply. then take one hour a day to power pump if you don't have time to regularly pump. for me, when I was trying to increase supply,I pumped every 2 hours thru midnight and powerpumped twice a day + everything mentioned above. More than quadrupled my supply in a month. Maybe you can try too!

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Have you tried switching to handsfree pump? It works better for me. I also take sunflower lecithin together with legendairy milk supplements (I took the 3in1 bundle to rotate). I don’t take lactation bakes as i find it too costly based on the way I eat (I eat way too fast). Drink plain water before, during and after pump. Don’t stress yourself, the more you stress the lesser the yield. Use your phone while you pump or talk to baby, anything but don’t bother about what’s going on in the pump. Not enough, top up with FM. Give what you have will do. Alternatively, if you feel that it’s taking a toll on your wellbeing, FM feeding is good as well. Don’t give yourself too much pressure.

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1mo ago

I’m using Spectra S1 for pumping. Did the legendary milk help to increase your supply? I’m looking into that. But I feel it’s too hassle to be taking 3 times per day with meal, as I don’t usually have time for breakfast. 🥲

I got help from a masseur to clear clogged ducts and open milk ducts as well. I yield really little at the start, about 20ml from both sides but managed to increase my supply slowly after that. I replaced one of my pumping sessions with power pumping for a week, drank lots of fluid about 2-3L (red date tea during confinement and water after that). During pumping, I will massage my boobs for better milk flow and hand express after that because pumps dont clear that well sometimes. Finally able to latch my bb at 7 weeks PP. But my supply still cannot keep up with bb's demand so I still supply with FM at times. Most impt thing is dont be stressed, cos that's the no.1 milk supply killer.

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I also have the same issue. Im pumping regularly but poor results. But when I squeeze with my hands, a lot of milk comes out. Im taking domperidone and also Fenugreek. Which handsfree pump do you use?

Have you tried taking domperidone? You can ask your gynae about it