A friend of mine whose son is 10-year-old already has a Facebook account. Don't you think it is crazy to let your kid have FB account at this age?

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It is absolutely crazy. Facebook actually has an age limit of 13 years. With the increasing number of cyber bullies and predators, it only scares me about that 10yo. I am equally clueless on what influence access to social media at such an early age might have on him. It is true that kids often do what they are told not to do. Parents should play an active role in monitoring their kids' activities. Indulging in social media might give parents a break of a few hours but it definitely is not worth the effect it might have on the kid. If you could, please advise your friend against it. Or at least advise her to monitor her son's activities on a regular basis.

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My son has his fb account since he was a baby. He started using it himself this year when i allowed him to use his ipad every weekend. Main purpose is for him to learn how to communixate with us, especially with me when im out tapos tulog pa daddy nya dahil galig sa night shift.. Di sya marunong mag chat sa messenger unless nandun na name mo sa messenger itself. Tapos palagi ko nililinis at minomonitor ang ginagawa nya. ang friends nya lang naman din ay puro family members at close friends namin

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Ung anak ko cmula ipinanganak may fb na. Pero di nmn nya inoopen. Ngaun ginagamit n nya pero sa chat lng sya. Ung mga clasm8s nya na lumilipat ng scul nakaadd don kaya khit magkakalayo cla nagkkachat p rin cla so magnda din db? As long as bantayan ntin cnu chinachat nila.

Children are not equipped to handle the ‘pressure’, frustrations, emotions & nonsense of social media. As parents we need to protect our children from being preys of bullies from all platforms. Photos via Google

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It is totally weird! Why does a 10yo need a fb account in first place? Tell your friend about the harmful things it might lead to! Any bad incidents might lead to scarring a child's mind forever

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I'm not sure why you would give him an account so early - it's not the best idea really. If you are going to keep it, make sure only you know the password so you can properly supervise

Yes, it's crazy. Kids should not get access to social media at this age. He could be a victim of cyber bullying. It becomes very difficult to handle if they go further.

The child is just too early to have a facebook account, he will start seeing things he ought not to see specially corrupt things.

This is too early for a child to have a FB account its not good for child to get addicted to social media at tender age

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