Cyst During Pregnancy

Hi all, we found out that we were pregnant a week ago and went for our first check up yesterday but our gynae found a 8cm ovarian cyst. Did anyone happen to be in such situation before?

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I found 10cm cyst was suppose to removed it when pregnancy reached 14 to 15 weeks but miscarriage at 13 weeks but don't think due to cyst. They say normally the surgery is safe but u must find yourself a good doctor.. Coz after miscarriage I need wait for 2 cycle of period the surgery was proceed with keyhole successfully. Although is less painful than cut type surgery but still the belly button wound is the worst to handle moreover baby cord is connected through out belly button. Right after surgery I got my rainbow baby currently 13 weeks till now belly button still hurt sometime so I don't know how will it to be handle when pregnancy is on going. But dun worry too much get yourself a good doctor if u believe go bugis pray very accurate :)

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