Fasting month in Second trimester

Can i fast during pregnancy ? Anyway im in second trimester . 5month pregnant #22weeks. I see alot of my pregnant friend all previous had fast for 1month and their baby came out healthy? Any advise ? Muslim mummies?

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First pregnancy too, currently at 29 weeks. Final trimester is as important as the first and second. Staying with MIL and she expects me to fast (cause she fasted when expecting last time 🙄) but my mom told me not to.. since I’m petite. She’s afraid will affect baby if I fast for a full day. I can make do with not eating, but not the drinking part. Weather is extremely hot lately too, need to be hydrated!

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4y ago

Dun need to fast dear. Tell her abt the hadith. Islam is easy.

I am now 25wks and I just try to fast.If Im able to make it, I will.If not, there is nothing wrong in breaking our fast.U noe yoursef best.Dun force if ur unable to...for now its abt u & baby's health is more important ok.Take care sis.😍

3y ago

Okay i will try i try my best if cnnt den i will break fast

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I think that if you’re worried, then don’t fast. You can always “pay back” next time if you wish. This baby’s also a gift from God, so you do what you feel you should to protect this baby okay?:)

I fast when I was pregnant. That time was about 4-5 months. Baby is fine. However obgyn always advise to not fast. But ultimately it’s up to you! Don’t add on the stress okay! Take care of yourself!

You can still fast if your body permits it. However don't stress on completing your puasa dear, health is more important :)

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if you want, then you try but if you feel dizzy or rlly cannot tahan, then pls break your fast .

Don’t think it’s necessary.