Pregnant and fasting during ramadhan

Hi mummies, any of you here have any experience fasting during your third trimester? I will be starting my third trimester (7 months pregnant) when ramadhan comes next month. I’m just worried that it might harm my baby. I will definitely ask my gynae about this when I meet her in 2 weeks time, but I would also like to gain knowledge from other mummies’ experiences. #1stimemom #pregnancy #advicepls

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I was 27 weeks pregnant during the start of Ramadhan last year and managed to fast full month. I did consult my gynae and was given the green light but was cautioned if I ever felt giddy I had to be careful. But turned out was doing fine the whole month. Some tips if its of any help would be to drink lots of water during sahur and after break fast. at least 3L min. Also eating kurma during sahur and break fast too. abt 7 kurma each time. Avoid walking alot and relax your body. Also make lots of doa. Ramadhan is nearing so Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslims :)

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Hi! I just consulted my gynea regarding fasting while pregnant. I'll be in my 2nd trimester during ramadhan about 15 weeks. Doctor recommend trying on the 1st day. If cannot best not to fast and just ganti puasa. Plus I am also suffering from gastritis and am having low blood. I might be even more weaker than i am now. As those with gastric usually have to eat frequent small meals instead of 1-2 meals a day. And I am still suffering from nausea and vomiting eventhough I'm closer to my 2nd trimester. But all the best to you! always listen to your doctor, they k ow you best. Islam is not cruel. 😊

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my edd is 12 Apr and i intended to fast as much if possible. you can try to fast sunat first to see if it's ok for you. as mentioned, listen to your body and don't skip pre-dawn meal. if your work is tough, feel giddy or don't think you can manage, best not to fast. i've been fasting mon and thu (sunat) for couple of weeks already and alhamdulillah i can manage and baby is fine 😊 on the contrary baby more on bigger side likely due to GDM so this helps with my diet as well. don't forget to ensure you're well hydrate! good luck mummy

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hi mommy! my edd is 30march, so i will be in confinement during the holy mth of Ramadhan. its not advisable fr pregnant mommy to fast, the cons outweigh the pros. especially dehydration in 3rd trimester u may experience more intense braxton hicks pains or it may onset labour contractions... Ultimately, please seek advice fr ur healthcare practitioner & all the best during ur last leg of pregnancy mommy!

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my first pregnancy I fasted till I gave birth 2 days before Aidufitri. u have to see if ur body can take it. It is not compulsory for pregnant mothers. Islam is a very forgiving religion. But I find that being in 3rd trimester, I am more stable to fast so I tried and I have no problems. Probably try half day fast, and see if u can take it.

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Listen to your body first especially in 3rd trimester. if you think u can fast pls have enough nutrition for pre-dawn meal & break fasting meal but if can't or might harm ur baby its ok don't need to feel bad abt it u can still pay fidyah. Our religion is simple ❤️ put urs & baby health first too.

Best is to heed advice from your gynae. If everything is ok, you can fast . The most important is to listen to your body. If really can't, it's ok . Every one is different dear. I tried fasting for my first born, but couldn't continue. If I continue,I will harm my baby . Best advice is , ask your gynae. all the best dear

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it's not compulsory but take note of the fidyah. I don't think it will do any harm but listen to ur body. I fasted for My first 2 pregnancies and I managed to do it full.

salam mommies, remember our duty as an Islam always comes first. Rezki can be taken away at any time 😇

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It’s not a compulsory for pregnant women to fast so why risk it?