The COVID-19 Mama Dilemma

Hey fellow mamas, Being in the midst of a pandemic, and being encouraged by WHO, CDC and our MOH to take the vaccine, we can’t avoid this hot topic can we. Whether we’re in the middle of our pregnancy or breastfeeding journey, the aching and nagging question that we face (since Pfizer and Moderna have been made more readily available) - To vax or not to vax? I’m not going to flood this post with readings from creditable sources as I’m sure many of you have done your due diligence. I respect parents a lot because of the readings they plough through (despite already busy schedules) and the reviews they scour, advice they sought just to make the best decision for themselves and their families. I felt I had to write this post because, well, it’s been my mind for a while and hopefully it will resonate with some of you out there. I’ve always believed there’s always a negative to a positive - I’m sure many of you have already laid your hands on some articles which have proven that the vaccine isn’t for everyone and that there certainly are side effects. There’s also this struggle about being a socially responsible citizen - I mean, I’m sure no one wants to be part of the problem and everyone wants to put this damn virus to rest - the sooner the better. I think there’s a need for affirmations, for support - to tell our mamas (and perhaps partners alike) that whatever their choice is, it’s okay because it’s their decision. No one else has to be okay with it but you. You are htrying to do right by your family and as long as you do what your gut tells you, you can sleep better at night and be at peace with yourself which is what I’ve ever wished for anyone. So I’m gonna be bold and, I’m speaking to all the parents out there who are trying to do right by their children and make a decision - you do YOU. Whatever works and makes you feel good. Because at the end of the day, the decision is yours to make. As long as you’ve been informed, weighed all your options. , and you are not making a choice out of coercion, you’re doing well and you’re being an awesome individual and parent. Happy weekend everyone!

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Thank you for this!