Feeling unwell and sad

Feeling nausea, no appetite to eat. Feeling stressed about work. Hubby is always working till late night. Parents not with me. Work from home alone at home. Yesterday received borderline oscar result . Now waiting for nipt result. Feeling worried about the baby. Suddenly have flu symptoms this morning. I feel so unwell physically and emotionally. I'm crying right now as I'm writing this post. Don't know what to do. :'(

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Whatever happens and however you’re feeling, know that you’re never alone. Reach out to your husband/family/friends. Talk to your little bump, maybe. Even our loved ones can be extremely oblivious to what we are going through, so don’t be afraid to talk to them. Sometimes even some company helps, if you don’t feel like talking to anyone about it. The rest of us are here with you too. Maybe go out for lunch, go to a restaurant and order a delicious nutritious soup or any well balanced meal and take your time to finish it. Just leaving your house for a bit makes a difference. Maybe take a walk, go find a snack or buy some fruits. Anything. It will all be ok - you’re strong. If you need to cry, cry. Why not? Every little bit helps. Feel better, babe.

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You may want to take small meals, you need nutrients. Apply for other job if your current job is stressful. If financial permits, maybe take a break. Talk to your hubby or someone you can trust about your worries, don't keep it to yourself. You may want to call the SOS at 1800 221 4444 (24-hour hotline)for emotional support. Do monitor your flu symptoms and seek medical assistance if it gets worse. Take care.🙏💪

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Talk to your friends or families if your husband is not available to share. Stay positive is very important during this period. All be well for the test results too. Listen to some music or tv for some diversion too. Take care and Jia You. :) all be over very soon and your unhappiness is just for a while.

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Everything will be fine girl, don’t keep it in. Talk it out with ur husband, if u really need his accompany pls let him know. His accompany is very important to u now. If not u may want to find ur friends talk to ur friends, or u can join ur Edd mummy group to chat on WhatsApp:)

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