Unable to sleep at week 32

Feeling excited for new member in our family. Cant wait for that. At the same time feeling scaring abt the labour. Plus handover my job to new colleague. So complicated feeling. Just unable to fall alseep. Anything to ease my mind of all this to let me sleep.

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Also when you're in the 3rd trimester, you'll have a hard time going to sleep. Try to relax your mind & tell yourself that everything will be okay & good. Drink warm milk or milo before you go to bed. Or listen to sounds or calming music to sleep. In this app itself, there's lots of music media that you can listen to. Try them ☺️

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Been through this recently.. just remember once the baby is out you will not be able sleep properly for months... so try taking as much rest as you can... stressing or getting scared of labour will not help... walk a lot and do pregnancy friendly exercises. This will help u sleep better at night... all the best 😊

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You may stroll through the park/beach, free your mind from those worries. Listen to soft music at night and have some warm milk. Try to relax.

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Ask hubby to give a good back rub for you.. it works for me every time! Gently massage back and leg, and I’ll sleep soundly.

Happened to me too . Over thinking hence the difficulty to fall asleep . Just relax your mind . It's easier to doze off !