Brown Discharge at 6-7 Weeks Pregnant

Hi everyone. I'm new here! Not too long ago, I went to the toilet and felt wet below. When I wiped, I saw some brown discharge with cm. I got so shocked! As this is my first pregnancy, I'm so worried. ? I'm roughly 6-7 weeks pregnant. My first appointment will be on next Thursday. I'm not sure if I should call the hospital tomorrow to have a check. Did anyone go through the same thing? So far, I'm just experiencing slight back aches, morning sickness and a on and off slight cramping on my stomach. I'm so worried ?

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I had brown spotting when I was 5weeks preggie all the way till 14weeks. Doctor will usually tell us brown spotting is ok. No fresh red blood. I had 2 miscarriags before, so I had to be extra careful. I even requested for No Pay Leave all the way till EDD. Go see a doctor soon, at least let dr do a scan for you & see what they say. KK doctors might see such cases everyday, to them is nothing but to us, it matters. Don't be shy to ask for MC if needed.

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3y ago

Thankfully the brown spotting only happen last night with just one wipe.. Cross my fingers, I hope that's the only time.. I'm so sorry to hear that.. I'm not taking KKH. I didnt had much of a good experience with them. I will be having my appointment done at SGH. I really hope that they are much better than KKH.

I had brown discharge last week about 6 weeks too. Went to scan immediately. Doctor prescribed some medicine to sable the pregnancy. This week was alright. hcg increased more than last week. Scan able to see heartbeat too. Don't worry. Just take more rest.

3y ago

Thanks for the advice! I had another spotting but this time pink. Was super panicked! Went down to KKH. They gave me progesterone pills that will help the uterus to prepare for the pregnancy. 😭Ended the evening with an emotional ride. Thankfully baby is safe and I pray continues to be healthy ❤

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Spotting during early pregnancy is quite common. However I suggest you see a gynecologist for consultation and peace of mind

3y ago

Thank you! 💕

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As long as its not fresh red blood, it’s still ok

3y ago

That's a relief to hear. Thank you so much!