Issues with Mil

Every weekend we will go to my mil house and spend at least five to six hours there. Everytime we are there, my mil will teach baby some bad habits eg. banging utensils on the table, playing with fruits that others still haven’t eat. Then each time he come back, the next day he will start to do the same at home and I have a hard time correcting him. She let him play everything, even plastic spoon that have sharp edges etc. I really don’t know how to deal with this situation. Then when she has cough or not well, she still want to carry baby. Anyone has similar experiences can help?#firstbaby #1stimemom #advicepls

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how old is your son? I don't have in-law or any relatives to deal with but kids being a kids, they will ask why other do that and why I cannot do I always tell my boy cannot and follow by why and emphasise if someone is doing that DON'T EVER FOLLOW keep repeating till it goes into his brain so that when he seeing someone do it he will not follow and he will tell u mama they are doing things wrong

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2mo ago

He is 9 months plus.