Can we eat goji berries while breastfeeding? Bcoz i was reading online dat it is not ideal.. But we do eat them during confinement rite?

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I have been taking and nothing bad has happened. Infact I got this from my LC to make milk more creamy and found it worked. Ingrdients: Dried Lily buds 百合 3 dried pieces Goji Berry 杞子 4 seeds 1 egg 1.5 bowl of water 2 soup spoons of glucose powder Methods: Boil ( in the saucepan) the dried lily buds & Goji Berry in one bowl of water for 20 mins until Dried Lily Buds is cooked Break an egg into the hot liquid in the saucepan & let it poach until egg yolk is cooked Pour contents into a bowl & add 2 soup spoons of glucose powder. It should still be one bowl. Mix it well & drink this every morning after breakfast.

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yes be careful of goji berries while pregnant AND breastfeeding so try and stay away from them, this is because of the presence of a biochemical compound known as betaine. This compound could cause miscarriage and hence, it is not recommended during pregnancy.

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But what does it do to breastfeeding? Dat one im quite curious.. Wat does it do to baby if baby breast feed?