For worry less pregnancy!

During my pregnancy, days pass slower than expected my worries grow bigger each day as my baby developed inside me. My number of what-ifs triggers my anxiety, birth defects are lured in my head! I always take into consideration to prioritize his condition safety and needs to avoid any of this. But now I’m Glad to discover and share this to the soon-to-be parents that there is a very accurate, simple, and safe non-invasive way of finding out more about your baby as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy. Even the gender of the baby you’ll immediately know. NIPT by GenePlanet is a non-invasive test that detects genetic conditions such as Down, Edwards, and Patau syndrome, from as early as week 10 of pregnancy. The NIPT test is recommended for any pregnant woman regardless of age or the predetermined genetic risk. Due to the current situation around the corner good thing, you can buy the test, just draw sample blood about 10ml and you’ll have 99% accurate results after.  There are millions of worries during pregnancy. Have one less worry with NIPT by GenePlanet!  Lear more about NIPT:* Use these codes for discounts for different services you want to avail. 5% off on NIPT Basic: Name of the code: APA-BASIC5 10% off on NIPT Standard Name of the code: APA-STANDARD10 15% off on NIPT Plus Name of the code: APA-PLUS15 @theasianparent_ph @vipparentsph @geneplanet_philippines #geneplanet #niptbygeneplanet #nipttest #oneworryless #carefreepregnancy

For worry less pregnancy!
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Not scared to get pregnant with this now, Mommy! 🤍