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Hi All, will you be doing the NPIT or Oscar Test & why! Thanks a lot

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I did both just for a better peace of mind. Although NIPT result is more accurate, I heard sometimes the results come back not conclusive cause baby dna not sufficient. But by then if you want to do Oscar test, you might be more than 13weeks + then cannot do Oscar already. If you want to save money, can do Oscar first then if it’s low risk can opt not to do NIPT.

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I did NIPT (comprehensive) for both pregnancies. Reason being the accuracy is higher 😂. Though ny risk is not that high (but coz of age). Gynae didnt insist but it was out of our own accord.

did nipt. was told age plays an impt role in calculating the risk in oscar. might as well go for nipt (use baby dna) for a peace mind.


First pregnancy did Oscar and result was high risk, so we took NIPT and was low risk. So second pregnancy we did NIPT directly.

My gynae offered me half Oscar (ultrasound scan) and half NIPT (blood test).

Opted for NIPT and will be doing it tmr 😊

Will be doing NIPT tomorrow 🙂

Opt for nipt coz high risk due to age

2mo ago

hello, do any of the mummies who shared they took nipt due to age be open to share their age range? the gynae told me risk is still below 1% if younger than 40 although more than 35. not sure what other factors I should consider. thks

did oscar