Does any of you use pacifiers? Is it true that pacifiers interfere with teething?

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Hi, during a child's first few years, sucking pacifiers probably won't damage the his teeth. But frequent and long-term sucking can cause problems. This is especially true if the habit continues after baby teeth start to fall out. Long-term sucking can cause: - The top front teeth to slant out - The bottom front teeth to tilt in - The upper and lower jaws to be misaligned - The roof of the mouth to be narrower side to side Here are a few things to consider if your child uses a pacifier: - Buy products that are constructed as one piece. There shouldn't be any parts that can break off and potentially be swallowed or breathed into the lungs. - Never fasten a pacifier on a string or necklace around your child's neck. Your baby could accidentally be strangled. - Don't try to calm a fussy baby by dipping a pacifier in honey or sugar water. This will increase your child's risk of tooth decay. - Use positive reinforcement to encourage older children to give up the pacifier.

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