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Does any mothers here took your COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy? How did that go?

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I took my first Pfizer jab at 17 weeks (last Fri). They will ask if you had checked with your gynae and been verbally okay-ed. The process was very smooth, there's no crowds nowadays at the vaccination centre, and the jab itself was all of 1 second. It was over before I could blink and didn't hurt at all. My arm only started getting sore later in the day, but it wasn't so bad and I could still lie on it. It will be good to request a jab on your right though so you can sleep on your left. I didn't get fever, rashes, cramps, chills or any other side effects.

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Took my jabs at wk 22 and wk 27. I had moderna. The jabs were both ok, 1st jab only had sore arms at the jab site, 2nd jab I got some side effects of headache and fever like symptoms (like the chills) but without actually having the fever on the night of the jab. Took 2 rounds of panadol and was ok the following day. Am now at wk 36 n baby super active n still kicking all the time. Just make sure ur gynae gives u e green light to get the jab. Generally they say the immunity effects will get passed on to the baby so I guess that's a good thing.

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thank you so much for all your feedbacks. i just took my 1st dose few minutes ago. feels alright. I am actually more concern on the effect on the baby's development. Hope my baby will remain healthy and protected.

4mo ago

:) Thank you! You too! Stay safe!

I’ve completed my both doses. So far so good! No side effects. Just a bit sore. I also just took dtap and whooping vaccination on my 34weeks also no side effects so far. All is good. 😊

my 1st dose is ok. only sore arm and dry mouth.. i took on my 29th wk.. i will have my 2nd dose soon hoping same as my 1st dose

Completed my 1st dose before pregnant. Now I’m 7 weeks along. So will just wait for 2nd trimester & clearance from the doc.

Completed both doses by week 25. Only sore arms for first two days. Baby still kicking actively :)

Yes COMPLETED my doses during pregnancy. So far so good doing okay🤗😊