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Hi, does anyone has experience with confinement nanny from ‘STAR confinement’ or ‘Gladyscare 1987’? Any reviews to share pls? Thanks in advance!

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I used star confinement in year 2018, it was a bad experiences. The nanny they sent over is bad - lazy take long afternoon nap, on her phone all the time chit chatting with new potential customer, use my handphone to make local call 🙄, took long shower, doesnt cook well, apply damn lots of lu yi oil on baby till when i carried my newborn my arm feel the hotness from the luyi oil. Winnie the owner from star confinement wasnt helpful to resolve, she wasny responsive from the start, it was me who kept chasing her for update when the nanny will arrive.

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Ive not use their service before but read many good reviews. Maybe this may help :)

Another confinement nanny agency,U can try :

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I hired Star Confinement nanny! The nanny really take care mother and my LO