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Hi there! I’m a first time mom and looking to book a confinement nanny with STAR confinement nanny services. Does anyone have a nanny to recommend or any positive and negative feedback to share about them? I’ve read horror stories but also positive reviews of their services so feeling a bit apprehensive #confinementagency #confinementnanny #starconfinementnanny

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Currently, my nanny is from confinement angels, needed and paid for more experienced 6 star nanny since i am a ftm, so far my experience from enquire to now, nanny in house taking care from bb to my meals have all been great, I guess luck is needed since diff pple have diff requirements and levels of camaraderie..

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That can be . Everything has pros and cons. The better thing is try to find a mum with recommendations from other fellow mums. IF you can join mum's group on FB. I have seen recommendations about confinement nannies