Cramp Ats Wk 11

Does anyone experience period-like cramps at wk 11? Feeling crampy n bloated a lot...

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If you feel uneasy please consult your gynae


Uterus is expanding and if you are too worried , do pay a visit to gynaecologist

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Yes I have cramps right from the start till week 22ish. Gynae say everything is normal, due to uterus expanding as Iโ€™m quite a small built

See gynea

Its normal. Uterus expanding. Will b feeling quite alot

Mild and adhoc cramping early in your pregnancy is usually normal as its your body getting ready for a baby! But if you're concerned, it won't hurt to go to your doctor, even if just for peace of mind :)

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Yes possible for such discomfort. But do check with your gynaecologist to make sure you are okay.