Hi, does anyone drink coconut during the last trimester? Does it cause early labour? Which weeks is recommended to start drinking? Thanks in advance! :)

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I drank it a day before 38weeks exactly. I was craving for it since 36 weeks. After drinking, i immediately felt my cervix opening up.. felt some tolerable pain. 8 hours later in the morning, I started feeling like I need to pass motion.. some cramping.. went to the toilet to and fro without any bowel movements and then I was thinking if i pushed too hard, what if baby come out. 2hrs passed then i started having regular painful contractions. Endured for 2hrs to confirm that I was in labour. Reached hospital after another 4hrs, as i was wondering if it was a false alarm. Was confirmed to be in labour and 4cm dilated. Delivered in another 6hrs later.

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8y ago

for me, yes. husband regretted giving me the coconut to drink. but i know many drinking since 36-37weeks and nothing happened. so maybe its individual. :)

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Perhaps in your 3rd trimester. It has many benefits like: Relieves Heartburn and Constipation, Improves Heart Health, Accelerates Growth Of The Foetus & Manages Healthy Weight Levels

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i drank the moment i entered third trimester! Second child i drank throughout it. Now 3rd child, just entered 3rd trim, started drinking

Hi, Coconut water is really healthy and helpful and you can start having it at any time during your pregnancy:)

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I did. It won’t cause early labour. I drink Everyday. My delivery was induced on week 40 day 2.


Drinking fresh coconut will not induce early labor. Just drink in moderation

No problem of drinking fresh coconut and it good for both of you


I've heard that it helps some moms. never tried it myself.