My baby is crying always. What could be the reason? Please help.

Hello doctor. I have a 2 months old baby boy. He is feeding for about 3 minutes and the 4th minute he suddenly takes away his mouth from the breast while breastfeeding and starts crying a lot. When I check, my milk supply is also good, but I couldn't understand why he is crying. Then we think maybe he is crying to fall asleep and we make him to sleep, then also he is crying continuously. What could be the reason? Please help.

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Hello dear dont worry i have some suggestion Babies can display various behaviors during breastfeeding, and their crying might have multiple underlying reasons. Here are a few possibilities to consider: Hunger: While you mentioned that your milk supply is good, babies' appetites can vary, and your baby might still be hungry after a short feeding session. If he's pulling away and crying, it could indicate that he's looking for more nourishment. Latching Issues: Sometimes, babies might pull away if they are having difficulty latching properly. It's important to ensure a proper latch to make feeding comfortable for both you and your baby. Reflexes: Babies have a strong sucking reflex, and sometimes they might pull away if the milk flow is too fast or too forceful. This is often referred to as a "letdown." Distractions: At around two months of age, babies can become more aware of their surroundings. They might pull away if something catches their attention. Gas or Discomfort: Digestive issues or discomfort, such as gas or reflux, might cause a baby to pull away from breastfeeding and cry. Thanks and regards MariaHarness

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