Do you think you're a better parent than your parents-in-law?
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in terms of techniques, they have a few but in terms of physical things like milk, my MIL wants my baby to drink formula milk instead of breastmilk cause she wants my baby to be big like weight wise but i want my baby to be healthy and those things are different. and she kept buying and buying formula milk and it just goes to waste. or like buying diapers, i wanna potty train my baby so i dont wanna put diapers on him but everytime they see him they put on diapers. like what the?

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hai mummy 🤗 jangan lupa daftar dan dapatkan sample pampers jenama merries ni, kualiti die paling best diantara jenama yang lain 😍 dapatkan disini🤩 #sampelpampers #samplepercuma

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For me my parent in law have a lot of technique for teaching kids. Sometimes i need some advice cause im new bie in parenthood. But not all their advice that we take... The relevant for us and suitable for my kids..

grandparents and grandchildren are natural allies... Hence parents and grandparents will naturally not see eye to eye on all matters. these are obviously just sweeping statements. 😊

Everyone has their own techniques/methods/skills/strategies to raise their own kids, it is up to us on how we manage to shape our kids. Spread a lot of love ✌🏻

I cant tell. There's still a lot of things that i should learn as a parent. But they surely are a good parents because they raised my husband so well. 😊


No need to compare lah.. it's not good environment. Each parents have their own way.. Just admit give & take and respect each other


No. But not to mention my in law is perfect in parenting. Everyone needs advice and guidance should based on Islam guidance.

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Yes, I’d like to think so. Information is on our tips and it makes sense to do this.

We have our own style of parenting, very different from theirs.