Do you allow relatives to discipline your child?
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No way
Depends on my kid's bad behaviour

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I allow, coz it allows my kids to know not only mummy or daddy is being strict. But of coz there are some adult who doesnt know what word to use, or doesnt understand the children condition or situation and blah out nonsense instead of anything helpful. Omg.. It makes things worst. #TrueStory

Parents or caregivers should only be the ones that have the authority to discipline the child and not any others. Other than confusing the child, it is not right to just let anyone to discipline the child.

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No - it’s the parent’s job. Relatives can say something but NOT take action to discipline my child. They might have a different method that I disagree with.

Yes, but if its acceptable one then only. because child always learning what they see and listening. So we have to behave well infront of the kids.

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Not always... if i feel my kids are learning something good by them then its fine... otherwise I make sure I stop it!

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im fine with relatives correcting my child if she isnt doing something correctly or on bad behaviour

But i will add-on and explain to teach my child where he has done wrong or should have done better.

We only do that matter to our child so she knows that she'll only obey us.

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Yes, but depends kids and relatives behaviour with the kids

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No. My child, my responsibility.