Do some babies bypass crawling altogether? Getting a bit worried about my 7 month old niece who isn't crawling yet.

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Yes. Don't fret if yours isn't crawling yet. My son is almost 7 years old and has zero interest in crawling. What he does is to flip back and forth to get to another place. But he loves to stand and has already shown signs that he wants to "walk". My 7 year old daughter calls him a show off. Babies progress differently just like adults do. Some babies will drag their bums, instead of crawling. Some with crawl but take forver to walk, vice versa. Take your time with your child and don't forget to throw tons of compliments if he does something new!

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It is possible for some babies to skip crawling. It is not one of the gross motor skills, such as rolling over and sitting up. It is simply a method for a baby to explore his/her surroundings. The baby could also be sliding on his/her tummy or shifting around on his/her bottoms to achieve the same objective. To try encouraging your niece to crawl, you could place her toy a short distance in her path to motivate her to crawl towards it to reach it. But like what Nooraini mentioned, there is no reason to worry if she is not crawling yet.

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