It’s gone in few weeks.

Didnt know need to take prenatal vitamins. Saw once 2lines then later 1line,bleeding dunno menses or not.cramps on n off. Went poly urine test,doc say infection but discharge white. She say maybe I had miscarriage thats y negative already. Came home still having bad cramps. Normal panadol extra doesnt seem to wk,I took the menses panadol. Unsure when can go back work. Doc says 6mths cannot intercourse.

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I can understand your feelings mum. The best thing to do now is to give your body good rest and nutrition as per your doctor's advice. Try again after 6 months. May you have a healthy baby soon

5mo ago

Actually m not sure if not pregnant or miscarriage as my blood is more like period just 5days unlike miscarriage. Guess the doc not experience enough.