Anyone Experience Irregular Menses With Itch After Birth

Its my 2nd birth. Always having irregular menses back then. But a lil worried now that menses didnt came for a month and now Still waiting... experiences heavily white/watery discharge and itch. Could it be infection? Got called from gynae on my result of my post check-up to go for this colposcopy scan. She said notink to worry abt as most women had this 'infection' and they just need to check again. The problem is, its in 2 weeks time and appt is schedule during 'my initial red day'. Had Postpone last mth appt coz i thot my red light will come. Kkh doesnt have the earlier any other earlier appt. Haiz. Hope its nothing. Fyi natural birth/stitches and not pregnant.

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You need to contact your doctor for white discharge and itch. it is common to have irregular periods after birth