Cough during pregnancy

Hi, did u all visit the gynae or PD when you are having cough and flu? Any Med to take? Ive phlegm as well..

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I visited pd and they gave me the usual med that's safe for pregnant women. However I was advised to only take it when necessary. So I tried to let it heal on its own by resorting to eat/ drink natural foods like fruits, honey lemon, those honey candies etc. I only took the cough syrup doctor gave for like 2 times? And those times is when I really really need it. When i cannot tahan one. Haha. It took me quite a while to recover.

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I took about 0.5 table spoon of manuka honey (without water) twice a day and drank lots of water, rest and got better in 2 weeks without seeing the doc. Had phlegm, cough and fever then. Now fully recovered. Anyway that's what I did. You still have to monitor yourself and decide if you should see a doc or not as everyone has different health conditions to start with.

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I had slight cough and sore throat. Avoided oily, fried and spicy food. drank hot honey lemon or hot plain water. Mine was dry cough but at the end a bit of phlegm. Got better after 2 days but really need to ensure you are eating food that does not cause it to be worst!

Took ivy leaf cough syrup(can get at watsons. Gynae approved) but didnt help much. Im still having slight cough as colleagues ard me are all coughing. Hard to get well.. so just taking honey water for now. Get well soon!!

I am recovering from a flu, I do also have cough with green phlegm. Just nice I had an appointment ytd at NUH and they prescribe me with this. Quite effective. Not sure if guardian or unity sell it.

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U can go to shops that has a pharmacist stand by like unity and just tell them u are pregnant so which meds is safe.. no need to see doc for cough n flu with some money on the consultation fee

I will not see a doctor and let it heal on its own by drinking more water or honey lemon. Really no choice then see doctor, after all the baby is also taking the medicine that you are taking.

The meds which is given by the doctor should be safe for u and ur baby... I see no reason why a visit to the clinic is a nono if it makes ur pregnancy easier

I visited gynae and had some medicine prescribed by the gynae as I have history of asthma and cough usually triggers my asthma attack.

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Yes, and my gynae advised me to drink warm honey lemon juice, and gargle with bactidol.

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I just had a bad cough no flu.